Sunday, September 22, 2013

A lesson about Letter B is for Bus (school bus) and Shapes

This week we talked about Shapes and the Letter B.
After explaining the 4 basic shapes (Triangle, Circle, Rectangle and Square), I gave each kid one Triangles, four Squares, three Rectangles and two Circles.
(you can download and print this example)

Then I asked them to take the big yellow rectangle. Then the small yellow rectangle and glue it like the example I had brought. 

Now they had to look for a blue rectangle (and don't confuse it with the blue squares! :)
The 4 squares were the most fun to glue! They could already see the bus in shape!
Triangle was a little tricky but yet they did a great job!
And then the 2 circles so the bus could drive away! 
bruuuuuummmmm!!! :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Letter A craft Activity for Preschoolers

Letter A for....APPLE TREE, just in time for the season!

This is a fun activity to do with your little one. You only need some green and red paint. Paper and a brown crayon/marker.

1.- Have a paper and draw a tree trunk
If you want you can color it.

Next step is kind of messy but kids LOVE this! 
2. -Let your kid put one of his hands in the paint. (I used some paper plates to pour the paint). 
3. -Let them put their hand on top of the trunk so they make the crown of the tree (leaves).

4. -Then, with their clean hand, just using one finger and the red paint, some dots here and there...and there you go...Apple Tree

Books we will read this week: