Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Father's Day Gift....We make a Great Team (Football Pompom Weepuls)

Do you remember those very famous '70 - '80 little colored pompoms? They were called Weepuls and we used to give them to friends, family, for Christmas, birthdays.... The messages were beautiful and having these weepuls attached to it, made it more was just so trendy. So I thought this would be nice for Father's Day. We made these Weepuls using the colors of his favourite Football Team... :-)

Here is how I did it.
1.- Make a Pom Pom. Yo can use this tutorial or go step by step as I show you on these pictures. (I recommend to use this tutorial for the smaller pompoms and do the bigger ones using the cardboard.)

Create 2 donuts shaped pieces of cardboard 
Place the rings together and pull the wool making a loop

Make a knot and start to wind the wool around the rings.

You should have something like this. You can use one or several colors.

You can wind several layers...the more wool you use, the bigger the pompom

Move the wool a little 'till you see the cardboard.

Cut the wool around the edges of the cardboard. It is VERY important to keep your other hand holding the center of the cardboard.

Pass a lenght of wool between the two pieces and tie it firmly together. 

Remove the cardboard Rings (Cut if necessary)

Trim the pompom until it gets a tidy look

A nice trick is to hold the pompom several seconds above some steam. This makes the pompom very soft!!! 

Using felt, cut a heart that you can use as feet.

Some googly eyes, and done!

We wrote a very special message for daddy

And here we are...the 4 of us! (Look at the little girl with the pony tails on the left....hehehe)