Thursday, April 22, 2010

Recycled Nature Box and Carton Wallet - Earth Day Activities

April 22 is Earth Day and we need to encourage our kids (and remind ourselves) that this is the only place we have to live on and that it is going to be for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. We have to take care of the planet, today and everyday.

At school my daughter has learned a lot about recycling, and now she knows what belongs in the recycling bin and what not. For her Show and Tell, we made 2 things. First, something made with recycling material and something related to the Earth. Second, an activity I saw on Family Fun.


I first saw this activity here and thought it was a great idea since we could use recycling material while having a nice walk outside and enjoy our planet...our planet is so colorfull...sometimes we forget it!
First we painted the egg carton with colors. (Ours was clear plastic)
My daughter looked everywhere and we found a lot of items that matched the colors inside the box! She was so proud when she filled all the colors!

We had:
  • Yellow, green and orange leaves.
  • Purple, yellow, pink, orange and red flowers
  • Blue, gray, white rocks
  • Green rosemary...that smells so good!
  • Brown dried coconut husk, stones and wood

I found this activity on Coastal Girl' s blog and she has a lot of nice ideas and activities!


I found this great craft on Family Fun yesterday and since it was Earth Day, we decided we had to do it.
It's an activity for older children, but I made it, and my daughter drew something nice so she could give it to her teacher as a present. You only need a juice or milk carton, scissors and the template

Hope you had a wonderful Earth Day!

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