Friday, April 16, 2010

Letter U - Under the Sea Tank- (Recycle Earth Day)

Under the Sea Fish TankI was not sure if it was letter T week again or the letter U...

My daughter's teacher told me they would continue last week's activities about the Ocean, about Earth Day and that they would go on a field trip to the beach and do some research and snorkeling, so we came up with this
Under the Sea Fish Tank made with Recycled Materials to celebrate Earth Day!

(This is another variant of the Kijkdoos I explained last week...)

Working together was so much fun and this project was so easy to do!
All this was made with stuff I had at home....look at the details...

  • A shoebox...
  • This pattern I created and I want to share with you for download and use.
Under the Sea Fish Tank


You can download this template and use it anytime, but please don't copy it anywhere else without my permission. I worked on it and a simple link to this page would be a great way to share it. Thanks!!!

The Top Sign was made with the back of the shoebox. I cut a piece of the box before placing the blue tissue paper so the light would come trough. We glued 2 Goldfish crackers and my daughter wrote the word TANK.

Seastars - Under the Sea Fish Tank

Crab - Under the Sea Fish TankThe Red Crab is made with Farfalle Pasta (Bow Tie pasta) and red paint. Glued some eyes and done.

And the Sea Stars with Stelline Pasta.
The Sea Algae (Seaweed) was made with Raffia.

Popcorn - Under the Sea Fish Tank

In the corner you can see some Corn Kernels. These are our Sea Plants!

The Rocks are little stones from our backyard.

Glitter gives the water a bubbling effect.

Walnut - Under the Sea Fish Tank
The Sea Shells are Cavatelli Pasta and the Coral Reef are pieces of Walnut

Stones - Under the Sea Fish Tank
After we places everything inside the box, I used some thread to hang the fish.
Are you ready to go Scuba diving???

Pattern Color Under the Sea Fish Tank
We used these real cool markers called Elmer's Kids Arts and Crafts Paintastics Color Changing Markers
A great way to draw and create with no mess. These paint brush pens feature vivid, true color paint right in the brush, so there is no need for jars, water or separate brushes. The washable paint in the pens dries instantly for less smudging.

These color changing pens paint in one color, then can be changed to two more colors by using the color Magic Wand.

Simply rub the Magic Pen over the other 5 pens to produce instant color changes. Each pen can produce 3 different colors!

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