Friday, March 26, 2010

S is for Spring, Snake and Spider

Spring Snake

Spring, Sun, Sand, Smile....Sounds like So much fun right??? And Sounds like a lot of Ssssss....

This week we made a craft project starting with the letter S.
We are a big fan of Teach Preschool which is a excellent website with lots of craft ideas and stuff you can do with your little one. She promotes excellence in early childhood education, professional development and practice. A website to bookmark. One of the ideas I saw on her page was this Kid-Safe Sweetest Snake!

She linked it from this other excellent website called, a network providing parenting information, craft and project ideas, activities, games, toys, books, nutrition, fitness and everything else related to children between the ages of three and five. You have to check it out!

You can read on their page how we made it!
The Plastic Egg Snake Preschool Craft
We didn't have to use the drill. The eggs we found already had 2 little holes.
I used a Crochet needle so my daughter could make the project herself.
I put dried star pasta instead of dried beans for the rattling tail.
We glued 2 eyes on it.
We didn't cut the "tongue" of the snake. That way my daughter can wiggle the snake!
She looooves her new pet!

Spring Spider

She also made this cute little Spider. The body are her hands...I love the Smile!
Have a great Spring Break!!!

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