Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Garden Flag Decoration

In our street lives a lady who has these very cute Garden Flags and she changes them everytime there is a celebration, holiday, or change of season. Now she has an Easter Flag and my daughter really loves it.

I looked it up on internet to see if I could find one, but I found myself with 2, Easter is next week...two, they are so expensive! (and even more if you ask for faster shipping).

So, why not make one ourselves...this was the best idea ever for a beautiful day like today's! We had so much fun in the garden! And the flag, one of a kind!

Here is how we did it:

What I used was a old bed sheet as canvas. I googled for some Easter Rabbits Coloring Pages and this one was the one I liked and tried to copy it on the fabric. (If you find it difficult to draw it yourself, just make a bigger scale print and trace it)

After I copied, I grabbed an old box and used some painters tape to hold it.

Some paint, brushes and an apron....and let your child be creative...I promise you, you will see the most beautiful garden flag EVER!

This is our New Easter Garden Flag!

I loved the detailes...look at her signature with a spider next to it and the ladybug!


  1. That really did turn out beautiful! Your daughter is an exceptional painter!

  2. Thank you!! I helped her a little with the rabbit, but the rest is all her work! We had so much fun!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! Her flag is so much cuter than anything you could have purchased.

  4. This is so creative! I love this idea, and it makes a great keepsake. Thanks for the great tutorial.