Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Convenient Shopping

With a new baby at home my life has changed a little bit. Going shopping or going out was easy with my first born. I just took her with me, and voila. One hip for her, and the other for the diaper box! Now it is different....

  • My daughter goes half day to school, (store opens at 10, have to pick her up at 12, baby store is 40 minutes away...)
  • She needs to take a nap in the afternoon. When she wakes up, we just want to have fun, and not be in a store! (Of course)

But I need diapers! One 3 year old, one infant in a very heavy car seat, my bag, a diaper bag and of course the "here mommy, take this" stuff...Now what?

Searching the internet the other day, I found on Amazon a very easy way to buy baby essentials and actually save!

You get

Free 2-Day Shipping on all diapers, wipes, and formula sold by Amazon

• An additional 15% savings through Subscribe & Save, our auto-delivery program

• Favorite brands like Pampers, Seventh Generation, Huggies, and Similac

The Subscribe & Save program offers an extra 15% off and free shipping on items you routinely use and keeps them coming every one, two, three, or six months. You can change your delivery schedule or cancel at any time.

I think this is the solution to my problems! Has anybody tried it before??? Please let me know! I am going to check it out!

This is the ad I found.

Friday, March 26, 2010

S is for Spring, Snake and Spider

Spring Snake

Spring, Sun, Sand, Smile....Sounds like So much fun right??? And Sounds like a lot of Ssssss....

This week we made a craft project starting with the letter S.
We are a big fan of Teach Preschool which is a excellent website with lots of craft ideas and stuff you can do with your little one. She promotes excellence in early childhood education, professional development and practice. A website to bookmark. One of the ideas I saw on her page was this Kid-Safe Sweetest Snake!

She linked it from this other excellent website called, a network providing parenting information, craft and project ideas, activities, games, toys, books, nutrition, fitness and everything else related to children between the ages of three and five. You have to check it out!

You can read on their page how we made it!
The Plastic Egg Snake Preschool Craft
We didn't have to use the drill. The eggs we found already had 2 little holes.
I used a Crochet needle so my daughter could make the project herself.
I put dried star pasta instead of dried beans for the rattling tail.
We glued 2 eyes on it.
We didn't cut the "tongue" of the snake. That way my daughter can wiggle the snake!
She looooves her new pet!

Spring Spider

She also made this cute little Spider. The body are her hands...I love the Smile!
Have a great Spring Break!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Garden Flag Decoration

In our street lives a lady who has these very cute Garden Flags and she changes them everytime there is a celebration, holiday, or change of season. Now she has an Easter Flag and my daughter really loves it.

I looked it up on internet to see if I could find one, but I found myself with 2, Easter is next week...two, they are so expensive! (and even more if you ask for faster shipping).

So, why not make one ourselves...this was the best idea ever for a beautiful day like today's! We had so much fun in the garden! And the flag, one of a kind!

Here is how we did it:

What I used was a old bed sheet as canvas. I googled for some Easter Rabbits Coloring Pages and this one was the one I liked and tried to copy it on the fabric. (If you find it difficult to draw it yourself, just make a bigger scale print and trace it)

After I copied, I grabbed an old box and used some painters tape to hold it.

Some paint, brushes and an apron....and let your child be creative...I promise you, you will see the most beautiful garden flag EVER!

This is our New Easter Garden Flag!

I loved the detailes...look at her signature with a spider next to it and the ladybug!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Letter R is for Rainbow, Rabbit (Easter?) and Rooster

Photo by Kriss Szkurlatowski

The Rainbow

Today is a perfect day for a Rainbow!!!

What we need:
  • A paper plate (With the same plate we will also make the Easter Rainbow Rabbit!!)
  • Scissors
  • Art tissue paper
  • Glue
Rainbow Rabbit Letter R
First we cut the center of the plate leaving a border and a circle. We cut the border in two. Now we have a crescent or half border that we are going to use for the rainbow.

Rainbow Letter R
We cut the tissue paper

Rainbow Letter R
Glue it on the border using the colors of the Rainbow. On each end also a couple..
Rainbow Letter R
She was so proud!

Rainbow Letter R

The Easter Rainbow Rabbit

With the circle of the plate we used before, we made this cute little Easter Rainbow Rabbit (Easter because it will be Easter next week...LOL).
We draw a rabbit on the circle. You can download the one I made and copy it.

Scan 1Download Rabbit

Rainbow Rabbit Letter R
Draw or copy the rabbit

Rainbow Rabbit Letter R
Cut the 2 circles for the rabbit to have "hands"
Rainbow Rabbit Letter R
Put some color on it!

Rainbow Rabbit Letter R
Isn't it cute?

Rooster footprint

I found this Idea on this website So cute!! The only things you need for this project are:

  • Blank paper
  • Yellow and red paint
  • Orange felt, paper, foam for beak
  • An eye
  • And a foot!

Rooster Letter R
The materials!

Rooster Letter R
Paint the foot yellow and the toes red...

Rooster Letter R
She had so much fun with this activity! I had to put this picture here!

Rooster Letter R
Stamp it on a blank paper. Glue on the beak and the eye (yes, I know...a little big, but that was the only one I had LOL). With your child's thumb and red paint, make the wattle! I really think this is unique! So cute!

The Letter Q is for Quilt and Quarter


This week we wanted to make something with the letter Q, so we made a Quilt and a copy of a Quarter. These are very easy activities for preschoolers and fun.

For the Quilt:
  • Colored paper or fabric
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue
Quilt letter Q

Quilt letter Q

Quilt letter Q

Just cut the papers in little pieces and paste it on a paper. This is my daughter's Quilt.

For the copy of the Quarter you just need a Quarter (any coin will do), crayons and a blank paper.

Put the coin under the paper and let your child copy the coin! It's just like MaGic!!!

Quarter Letter Q

Quarter Letter Q

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Letter P activity for Preschool

For this week the kids have been working at school on the letter P.

Every Friday they have their "Show and Tell" and the kids have to bring in an object that starts with the letter of the week.

For this Friday we made some craft!

Project Nr. 1

Pink and Purple Pig Paper Plate Puzzle Pieces*
*(or Paper Plate Pink and Purple Pig Puzzle Pieces...after we made it and showed it to my husband we talked about the order of the words and if it was correct...I am still a little confussed...hihihi....sorry if I made a mistake!)

Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle Pieces
You don't need much for this project:

1.- paper plates
2.- Pink and Purple colors/crayons/Pencils
3.- Scossors
4.- A marker

Draw a Pig with the marker and let your kid color it using Pink and Purple colors.
Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle Pieces

Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle Pieces

Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle PiecesWhen ready, just cut and play!


Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle PiecesCut!

Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle Pieces


Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle Pieces

My daughter loved her own hand-made-puzzle!
Paper Plate  Purple and Pink Pig Puzzle Pieces

Project Nr. 2

Popstick Puppet

Popstick PuppetLet your kid draw "somebody" on a cartboard or paper (we used the paper plates again)

This is me!

Popstick Puppet
Cut it.
Popstick Puppet

Popstick Puppet

Popstick Puppet

Popstick Puppet

Glue it on a Popstick
(can you read my name?: mama!)

Some color and voila!

Mommy Popstick Puppet!