Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Activity - Yarn Pumpkin

This activity is perfect for Halloween! Or to decorate your home this fall. A very easy activity for old and young. My preschooler loved it! All you need is yarn, a piece of cardboard, rafia and scissors.

I used the same method as my previous posting, but instead of using chenille stems, I used rafia. If you want bigger pumpkins, just use a bigger cardboard and more yarn :-)

My plant with the little pumpkins
Diferent colors pumpkin!

This is what you need:
Yarn, rafia, cardboard, scissors
To make the green/orange pumpkin, just do the same as with the regular pumpkins but use the 2 colors at the same time.
Wrap it around the cardboard and follow the same steps as on the website on my previous posting....and ready!

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