Thursday, September 24, 2009

Activities and Responsability

Since we moved, we have given our daughter a little more responsibilities, like for example, take care of her pet and her plants (herbs).

She does these activities daily and she enjoys it so much. It is a good exercise to start responsibility and even it seems not to be a big deal, she is so proud of it. Every afternoon she gives her fish his food and give water to her plants. She smells the leafs and acts like an adult. This age is so beautiful!

I'm Back!

I’ve been gone for a while because of several reasons. The first one because I felt so sick the first 5 months...I had no energy, I didn’t want to do anything but sleep, had nausea....sounds familiar? Well, yes! Our daughter is going to have a little brother! We are so happy! All this made us be very busy moving, having grandma (Oma) with us so she could help, prepare and celebrate our daughter’s 3rd birthday. A lot of things that kept us busy but now we are back on track and ready for our baby boy to arrive and ready to continue our blog.

Meanwhile the time has passed and my daughter has been growing so much. Each day she talks more and more. I have been studying a lot lately about multi-linguistic children since we are raising her using 3 languages (Spanish, Dutch and English).
She speaks and understand them very good. A very good website for bilingual and multi-linguistic children is Multilingual Children’s Association.

There are a lot of parents who have questions or experiences that can help you if you have any question. You could also try to read some very nice books about this subject. There are tons in the library or look here at Amazon: Multilingual Children

Since English is not my first (or second...but thirth lenguage as you may notice...) I need to study a lot more about this subject. I will let you know more how my daughter is advancing...