Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

There was a book fair the other day near my place and I found these books which I bought. They are super cute. They are written by the same author (Jean Marzollo) of I Spy and other very good and known books. The illustration is beautiful, all made out of cut paper. Even though it is a book for a 4 years old who starts to read, my daughter loves it because she is starting to understand how things work in this world....I really recommend you this collection of books. They have several titles.

For the occasion of Earth Day, we read the book I Am an Apple (Hello Reader Science Level 1). We could learn how a little seed changes into a big tree with a lot of apples in it! We also read about all the things you can do with apples! Yammi!

Later we looked for some material so we could make our own apple tree...
I found loose fill peanuts, a toilet roll, a half Easter egg, paint, glue....
We put the half egg inside the roll to create a base.
We glued the peanuts and colored them green...(we used one of the peanuts to paint them. We painted the toilet roll using brown.
I still had some "San Valentine Day" hearts. These were perfect for our Apple Tree!
Happy Earth Day!

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