Thursday, April 2, 2009

Button Caterpillars (and cat)

I had absolute no idea what to do yesterday afternoon, so we opened our craft drawer, and found some buttons, some chenille, glue and some eyes...

Since it is Spring time, I thought about creating something for the garden. (We do not have any garden, but that doesn't is the idea, right? :-)

Caterpillar Material
Originally uploaded by could be some flowers...a butterfly...a Easter bunny...

But while I was thinking, my daughter was already very busy putting the buttons in the chenille stem. 

We ended up making this beautiful creatures!
Take a look!

This activity is a great way to practice hand and eye coordination, 
concentration and fine motor skills, a skill needed for writing later on.
After the body was done, we made a little face and glued the eyes
She had so much fun that we made a couple more...
We used all the buttons we had! And here the whole family!
This morning my daughter woke up and the first thing she did was asking for more buttons....I could only find these ones. She made this beautiful cat! 


  1. nice photos. nice creativity too. this is truly something peacefull forthe heart and mind. very inspiring and wholesome site. good work and thanks for sharing.

  2. These are adorable!

    I nominated you for a blog award today. Come on over and check it out! :)

  3. Greatkidgifts, thank you so much for your comment! Your blog is awesome!!! I grew up in Europe (The Netherlands) and your blog has a lot of cool wooden, Montessori toys, just like the ones I used to play with when I was a kid! ;-) Great blog!

    SkylarKD, once again, Thanks!