Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My version of a Montessori Activity

With 2 bowls, rice, grains, cereal, cotton balls, etc, and a spoon you can make a very fun game. This activity Develops concentration, motor skills, and eye-hand coordination and the child is learning to transfer using a spoon. This is a practical life activity.
I used a very special spoon made out of a “tapara” (Calabash tree - Caribbean). As transferring material, I used split pea.

Here you can see my daughter transferring the split peas carefully from one bowl to the other. I putted a Pyrex under the bowls for two reasons: 1.- This way it could not slip of the table. 2.- If she dropped the split peas, they would not fall on the ground but inside the Pyrex.
As you can see on the next picture, most of them are inside the Pyrex... :-)

Another activity is to use measuring spoons....which one has more? Can I transfer from the big one to the small one? and vice versa? How beautiful it is to discover!


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