Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My own Sensory Table

Since I have been involved in Montessori Method, I have always wanted a sensory table, and all the ones I had seen on the internet were really nice, but I couldn’t afford one. So I thought I could maybe come up with an idea.
I went to Amazon
and found this WaterWheel Play Table for just $35:

We live in an apartment so we can use this table only in the summer time and on the balcony. Do you remember the split peas we used for the other activity? What about joining them with the Lentil Family?

A very nice game for this kind of table is:

1.- Tell your child to close his/her eyes
2.- Hide little pieces under the split peas and lentils (I used those little horses and animals that come in a tube)
3.- Let the child “explore” and “dig” until he/she find them all!

She found one!


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