Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From coffee table to drawing table.

We had at home this old coffee table that we didn’t want to trow away and nobody wanted to have it, so we had a great idea! We could make a drawing table for our little one! My daughter loves to paint, draw and everything that has to do with colors. My husband worked on it and made this fantastic table!
The coffee table before...
The drawing table after!
This is her creativity table!

Some details:
  • You can find the paper at Ikea for just $6!
  • The little colored cups also at Ikea for just $ 1.99 (6 cups!)
  • The cups are in a rounded opening we made so they don’t fall. Also, easy to take out, for example, to pour water for watercolors or other kind of paint...or just clean them.
  • The box filled with crayons is attached to the table. This means...no crayons on the floor...
  • We putted a clip so it could hold the paper
A clip that hold the paper

The holes for the cups
Using a larger cup, I filled it with a little water so we could clean the brushes.

A drawer attached that doesn't open or close...perfect for her coloring books!


  1. This is fabulous! Thanks for showing how you did it! I'll be on the lookout for an old coffee table once yard sale season hits!

  2. Thank you! We use it not only for coloring or drawing...but also for all our craft activities...the paper helps to keep it clean! :-)