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2020 Highlights in Faculty Awards


Nobel Prize logo

Nobel Prize

Charles M. Rice, Ph.D.

Rice is honored with the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for research that contributed to a cure for hepatitis C.
Canada Gairdner International Award

Canada Gairdner International Award for Biomedical Science

Elaine Fuchs, Ph.D.

Fuchs is honored for revealing the molecular mechanisms by which skin stem cells make and repair tissues.
Breakthrough Prize

Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences

Jeffrey M. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D.

Friedman is recognized for the discovery of a new endocrine system through which adipose tissue signals the brain to regulate food intake.
National Academy of Sciences logo

Pradel Research Award

Leslie B. Vosshall, Ph.D.

The National Academy of Sciences has announced that Vosshall will receive the honor for her research into how disease-carrying mosquitoes select human hosts.
Vilcek Prize logo

Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise

Kivanç Birsoy, Ph.D.

Birsoy is honored for his research examining how metabolic pathways regulate biological processes and contribute to disease.
Fred Hutch logo

Weintraub Graduate Student Award

Paul Muller, Ph.D.

Muller receives the honor for his examination of the interactions between neurons and macrophages in the intestinal tract.

Achievements Awarded to Rockefeller Scientists

Tri-Institutional Breakout Award
2020欧洲杯在线网址 Alexander Meekse, Ph.D.

Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Young Investigators in Cancer Research
Shixin Liu, Ph.D.

Rita Allen Foundation Scholar
Jeremy M. Rock, Ph.D.

Vallee Scholar
Li Zhao, Ph.D.

Blavatnik Regional Award Finalist
Amelia Escolano, Ph.D.
Marc Schneeberger Pané, Ph.D.